Quick Tips

Simple Living 101 Explore!
Simple Living 101 focuses on sustainable living in an urban environment. Each issue features one topic, providing a quick-read overview, and links to other in-depth web resources. Topics include Recycling, Durable Goods, Activism, and even Green Investments.

Lessons from the Econ Farm Explore!
With plenty of sun and rain, Central Florida is a great place to learn how to garden! One of the roles of the Econ Farm is to help us develop gardening and farming best practices, with the hopes of sharing them with you! To give you a brief overview of topics of interest to home gardeners, Simple Liver Tia Meer shares lessons from the Econ Farm.

Organic Farming 101 Explore!
Similar in format to Simple Living 101, Organic Farming 101 presents organic farming and gardening topics for use by growers and gardeners alike.

Permaculture Explore!
Permaculture is a design process for sustainable living which seeks to mirror nature’s inherent balance.