Core Programs

Organic Growers Collective Explore!
Each month, we host an open meeting for organic growers and consumers to mix, mingle, share, and learn – together! It meets the third Wednesday each month at Leu Gardens.


Local Food Guide Explore!
This key research project focuses on understanding and promoting our local food system. The project is being pursued with the help of several local partners.

Garden Start-Up Program Explore!
Simple Living Institute, Inc. is pleased to offer a Garden Start-Up as one of our core programs focused on education and sustainability.


Special Events

Benefit Concert Explore!
Simple Living Institute organizes Benefit Concerts as our primary fundraiser. Live music and community are the focus.

Kids’ Festival Explore!
The Kids’ Fest is designed to get children interested in Simple Living ideals at an early age. The Kids Fest consists of a series of activities fun for kids aged 5-12.



Simple Living Institute is a volunteer-run organization. That means we rely on volunteers to accomplish our program and organizational goals. Please visit our volunteer opportunities page to learn more or to sign up as a volunteer!