Leu Garden’s Vegetable Planting Guide

Since the summer of 2009, Leu Gardens’ staff horticulturists have been evaluating vegetables to determine which varieties fared best in Florida’s climate. Disease resistance, yield, flavor and hardiness were all considered in the trial. The varieties of vegetables that received the highest marks are included below.  pdf_icon_16x16

VegetableNorthCentralSouthRecommended VarietiesPlant Spacing (inches)Row Spacing (inches)Direct sow or TransplantPlanting Depth (inches)
BushMar-NovOct-AprOct-AprCherokee Waxed, Commodore Improved, Flacco, Goldrush, Pike, Roma II, Strike618D1
Pole"""Kentucky Wonder, Blue Lake, Kentucky Blue, Kentucky Wonder Wax Pole, Asparagus Yard Long, Romano, Big Mama Lima, Florida Rattlesnake, Purple Trionofo Violetto618D1
ShellFrench Horticultural, Tiger Eye618D1
Italian"""Roma II, Venice, Baroma618D1
French"""Golden Child, Allicante Soleil, Fortex, Maxibel, Nickel, Petite Filet, Delinel 618D1
Lima"""Dixie Buttterpea Speckled, Florida Butter Speckled, Jackson Wonder, Fordhook 242, Speckled Calico, Henderson, Christmas Pole, Burpee Improved, Eastland, Big Mama (pole), 618D1
BeetSep-MarOct-MarOct-MarDetroit Dark Red, Chioggia, Burpee's Golden, Cylindrica, Blankoma, Long Season Lutz, Green Top Bunching, Piatta D'Egitto, Yellow Detroit2-312-18D1/4
BroccoliSep-JanSep-JanSep-JanPackman, High Dividend, Green Comet and Green Goliath, Lieutenant3636D/T1/4-1/2
Brussels SproutsSep-JanSep-JanSep-JanJade Cross, Long Island Improved.2424D/T1/4-1/2
CabbageSep-JanSep-JanSep-JanSmantha, Baby Pixie, New Jersey Wakefield, Copenhagen Market, Bonnies Hybrid, Sovoy Deadon, and Savoy Ace, Dutch Flat.1824D/T1/4
VegetableNorthCentralSouthRecommended VarietiesPlant Spacing (inches)Row Spacing (inches)Direct sow or TransplantPlanting Depth (inches)
CantaloupeMar-AprFeb - AprAug - Sep & Feb - MarAmbrosia, Bush Star, Honey Rock, Planter's Jumbo.2448D/T1/2-1
CarrotSep - MarOct - MarOct - FebNantes Half Long, Chatenay Royal, Baltimore, Tendersweet, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, Ingot, Parisianne212-18D1/16
CauliflowerSep-JanSep-JanSep-JanSnowball, Brocoverde, Minuteman, Cheddar, Violet Queen.618D/T1/4-1/2
CeleryJul- SepJul- SepJul- SepGiant Pascal, Conquistadore, Stoke's Golden Plume, Golden Self Branching.1224-JanT1/16
CollardJan-DecJan-DecJan-DecYates Strain, Georgian Southern3636T
CornFeb-AprJan-AprOct-MarGolden Cross Bantam, Early Sunglow, Sweet Riser, Kandy King, Silver Queen, How Sweet It Is, Sweet Ice, Peaches and Cream, Seneca Dancer.830D1
Fall GardenAug-SepSepSep-OctGardenDasher II, Indio, Indy, Cucina, Pickling Adam, Eureka, Bush, Burpee's Bushmaster, Very Kuhl 1036-48 D/T1/2
Winter Gardentoo coldtoo coldNov-DecGardenDasher II,Indio, Indy, Cucina Pickling Adam, Eureka Bush Burpee's Bushmaster, Very Kuhl
Spring GardenFeb-AprJan-MarJan-MarGardenDasher II,Indio, Indy, Cucina Pickling Adam, Eureka Bush Burpee's Bushmaster, Very Kuhl
Summertoo hottoo hottoo hotGardenDasher II,Indio, Indy, Cucina Pickling Adam, Eureka Bush Burpee's Bushmaster, Very Kuhl
VegetableNorthCentralSouthRecommended VarietiesPlant Spacing (inches)Row Spacing (inches)Direct sow or TransplantPlanting Depth (inches)
EggplantJune-SepJune-SepJune-SepRosita, Bambino, Hansel and Gretel, Kermit, Louisiana Long Green, Pot Black, Florida Market, Black Beauty 3030-36T
KaleSep- MarSep- MarSep- MarDwarf Blue Curled Scotch, Redbor, Winterbor, Red Russian, Yates Blue Curled, Nero de Toscana, Lacinato.18324D/T1/4
Kohl RabiSep- MarSep- MarSep- MarEarly White Vienna, Kolibri, Grand Duke, Early Purple Vienna, Kosak.618D1/4
LettuceSep -Oct Feb-MarSep - Mar Sep - JanRomaine Freckles, Bambi, Paris Island, Winter Density Bibb Australe, Roxy, Yugoslavian Red, Merveille des Quartre Saisons. Leaf Black Seeded Simpson, Red Sails, Oak Leaf, Ruby Red, Salad Bowl, Tango, Deer Tongue, Cherokee, 612-18D/T1/4
MustardSep-MaySep-MarSep-MarFlorida Broad Leaf, Southern Giant Curled, Garnet Giant, Savanna, Brazen Brass, Big Red, Misuna, Tatsoi, Tah Tsai.1218-24D1/4
OkraMar- AugMar- AugAug- SepClemson Spineless, Star of David, Cow Horn, Evertender, Little Lucy, Red Burgundy, White Velvet.2436D/T1/2
OnionSep-MarSep-MarSep-MarGranex White, Granex yellow, Grano White, Grano Yellow, White Lisbon Bunching, Borettana, Shimonita418-24D/T1/4
Peanut Jun Jul AugValencia824D1 1/2
Peas, EnglishJan- MarSep- FebSep- FebLittle Marvel, Super Sugar Snap, Wando.230D1
Pea, SouthernMar-AugMar-AugAug-AprBrown Crowder, California Blackeye, Hercules, Iron and Clay, Knucklehull Purplehull, Mississippi Silverskin, White Acre, Zipper Cream.430D1
Pepper(+)Feb-Mar July-SepFeb-Mar July-SepAug-SepStandard Sweet California Wonder, Yolo Wonder, Cubanelle, Sweet Banana, Cherry Stuffer, Fooled You, Orange Blaze, Yummy, Pimento. Standard Hot Ancho, Cayenne Thin long, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper), Jalapeño, Habenero, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Long Thin Cayenne, Tampiquero, Scotch Bonnet. Hybrid Hot Super Chili 1824T1/8
VegetableNorthCentralSouthRecommended VarietiesPlant Spacing (inches)Row Spacing (inches)Direct sow or TransplantPlanting Depth (inches)
PotatoJan-MarJan-MarSep-JanKennebec, Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac, French Fingerlings, Adirondack Red and Adirondack Blue, Russian Banana836D6
SpinachOct-NovOct-NovOct-JanBloomsdale Long Standing, Red Malabar.624D/T1/2
SquashMar-Apr & Aug-SepFeb-Mar & Aug-SepJan -Feb & SepSummer Squash Prolific Straightneck, Cheetah, Zephyr, Summer Crookneck, Peter Pan, Early White Scallop. Winter Squash Spaghetti, Table King, Table Queen, Table Ace, Waltham, Early Butternut Zucchini Parthenon, Lioness, Cocozelle, Spineless Beauty, Black Beauty, Gold Rush, Eightball. Unique forms Ambercup, Bonbon, Bush Delicata, Calabraza and Golden Hubbard. 2436-48D/T
Sweet PotatoMar - JuneFeb - JunDec - SepBeauregard, Hernandez, Picadito (boniato)1248T
Swiss chardSep-MarOct-MarOct-MarBright Lights, Erbette, Monstruoso, Fordhook Giant, Peppermint, Large White Ribbed and Ruby Red.1218-24D/T1/2
TomatoFeb - Mar & AugJan - Mar & SeptAug - MarIndeterminate (large fruit) Better Boy, Bonnie Best, Bragger, Cherokee Purple. Indeterminate (Small Fruit) Everglades, Sweet 100, Husky Cherry Determinate (large fruit) Tasti-Leeâ, Celebrity. Determinate (Small fruit) Opalka, Floragold, Florida Petite, Patio, Golden Nugget.3630-36T1/2
TurnipJan - Apr & Aug - OctJan - Mar & Sep - NovOct - FebPurple Top White Globe. Greens only Seven Top, Southern Green,and Topper. Roots only Early Flat White, Golden Ball, Snow Ball, Scarlet Ohno Revival, Lunga Bianca A Colletto Bianca, Tokyo Cross and White Lady. 312-18D1/2
WatermelonMar-Apr & July-AugJan - Mar & AugJan - Mar & Aug - SepJubilee (Florida Giant), Crimson Sweet and Charleston Grey 133, Sugar Baby and Mickeylee.3684D/T1 1/2