About Us

Simple Living Institute, Inc. started in 2002 by a group of Central Floridians who wanted to create a stronger community that valued the environment, personal health, and had a vision for a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Our mission is:

•to scientifically research and develop working organic farms with effective soil, water, plant and wildlife conservation;

•to publish findings for the scientific and general community;

•and to provide cooperative education experiences empowering individuals and organizations as responsible stewards of their well-being and the environment.

In short, we strive to create opportunities for sustainable living in our community.


Simple Living Institute Board of Directors

Our board of directors serve on a volunteer basis and do not receive compensation of any kind from our organization. Thank you, board members, for your continued service to our organization and community!

  • Tia Silvasy, Founder & President
  • John Hughes, Vice President
  • Shirley Silvasy, Founding Member & Organic Growers
  • Rosan Calebello, Treasurer
  • Shayla Dougher, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Leroy Walwyn, Urban Gardening

Advisory Committee:

  • Laina Shockley
  • Tommy Gardens


Non-Profit Documentation

All documents are in .pdf format (requires Adobe Reader)

Current Financials
2011 Financial Summary (.pdf)
2010 Financial Summary (.pdf)
2009 Financial Summary (.pdf)

IRS Documents

IRS Non-Profit Determination Letter (.pdf)
IRS Non-Profit Status Confirmation Letter (.pdf)

State of Florida Documents
Corporate Charter (.pdf)
Fictitious Name Registration (.pdf)
Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption (.pdf)
Registration to Collect Sales Tax (.pdf)
Letter of Compliance with Solicitations of Contributions Act (.pdf)