About Shayla Dougher

Shayla Dougher was born and raised in the wild west, Reno, Nevada. This high desert town is surrounded by the jagged granite peaks of the Sierras and jewel colored lakes, Tahoe and Pyramid. These playgrounds offer snow skiing and water skiing and all kinds of outdoor fun. Shayla was fortunate to have parents who liked to play outside. From them she also learned that the desert is fertile if you water it! Helping her dad and grandfather with their gardens provided some basic knowledge and conveyed to her a love for things that grow.

Shayla was pretty young when she flew the coop and moved to the Shenedoah Valley, Virginia. James Madison University’s town of Harrisonburg was a half hour down the country road from where she lived. The changing of the seasons in Virginia is grand! Shayla found soft white and pink blossoms among baby green leaves in spring, and surprise! wild berries as she walked barefoot in the fragrant forest in summer. Everyday in the flaming autumn Shayla could not stay in her house! The brilliant colors of fall do no painting or photograph justice. Her first daughter Tara was born during an early March snowstorm. Shayla’s appreciation for the outdoors expanded.

Shayla loves it here in Orlando! There is so much going on here at the grassroots level. Simple Living Institute and their affiliates are stellar examples. Orlando truly is a baby city in comparison to others. This makes for lots of opportunity to influence change towards a more sustainable future for all of us.

Shayla’s second and third daughters Madalyn and Joanna were born here. There daddy is no longer among the living, but he left an indelible mark on these girls with his love of surfing, all outdoor sports and bee keeping. Boating on all the inland waterways and lakes, scuba diving in the Keys and in Chrystal River rendered so much outdoor enjoyment! Spending beach day after beach day with their dad, you should see her girls surf! Shayla knows the value of our precious environment.

Shayla is a professional speaker. Her audiences enjoy hearing her teach and inspire on the subjects of grief recovery, health and wellness, parenting and living green and sustainably. She gains experience and hones her craft with Toastmasters International. There she mentors other speakers and has helped start new Toastmaster clubs.

She grows her own organic garden and enjoys vegetarian cooking. She practices yoga and meditation regularly enjoying the huge benefits of both. Shayla is an avid reader. A couple of her favorites are The Architecture of All Abundance by Lenedra Carrol and Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Lifelong learner is a recent characterization Shayla is quite fond of and one she believes is fitting.

Shayla’s life is festooned with opportunities to learn more and more about how to live and how to help others to live simply. Her board membership with Simple Living Institute is an excellent way for her to serve the community.