About Rosan Calabello

Rosan began gardening when she first moved to Florida in 1981. Back then organic and sustainable were not part of the mainstream vocabulary, but she was very successful at “traditional” gardening. As global consciousness spread about the impact of chemicals on our food, health and environment she was quick to understand that things needed to change.

After a brief stint in Dallas, Texas, she returned to Central Florida in 2003 and decided to try her hand at organic gardening. This time she carefully planned her garden layout to serve as a food source by planting a diversity of trees and plants to ensure a year round harvest of edibles. Now her yard is an ongoing experiment. Her main focus is an permanent edible landscape that requires minimal care. Her garden includes papaya (her favorite), various types of orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon and banana trees. She also has bush type plants like cranberry hibiscus and Okinawan spinach which provide salad throughout the year.

Rosan’s goal is to “Live Simply” and she believes this can be accomplished by being deliberate in decisions and understanding their impacts on our environment. What she enjoys most is being outside in nature, which is what makes gardening her favorite outdoor activity. She reduces her carbon footprint by growing her own food, minimizing her energy consumption, and making compost from her kitchen and yard scraps.

Rosan is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. As a Certified Public Accountant she has an established tax practice in Winter Park, Rosan G Callabelo CPA, PA.