May 2015 – Organic Growers Meeting

This month’s meeting was awesome as usual! We had an open forum, welcoming stories from our brethren on their projects and successes!

Most memorable were 2 ladies, new to beekeeping. Their story was compelling and inspiring! We all need bees for pollination. Plants that attract pollinators should be included in every garden! Going the extra step into beekeeping truly should be applauded!

We could tell these ladies were delighted with this project. They talked of how friendly the bees seem and how nice hearing their hum is. They especially admonished all of us to create a water source for bees and other flying insects. “Doing this keeps them out of your neighbor’s pool!” they joked.

This is no joke. Bees and butterflies drink water. They need plants that give them what they need and, in turn they pollinate our food crops. Keeping bees and butterflies happy is something we all can do to benefit our entire planet!