SLI’s Table at the Spring 2017 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Once again, Simple Living Institute (SLI) has sponsored a table at the 2017 Epcot Flower and Garden Show.  The table exhibits a wide range of edible plants, ranging from fruit trees to micro greens.  The micro greens have been especially popular since they are nutrient dense and easy to grow.  Other items featured at the table are a “worm café”, Seminole pumpkin, Everglades tomato plant, and numerous herbs such as basil and dill.  Visitors have enjoyed the potato plants growing inside a recycled bag as well as the wide variety of color from burgundy amaranth, scarlet sage wildflowers, coreopsis lancelota wildflowers, and roselle hibiscus.  Many also enjoyed receiving free seeds!  A number of volunteers have contributed to the success of the table and it’s certainly one of the most popular exhibits there.  The 2017 Epcot Flower & Garden Show runs from March 1 through May 29.



Growing strawberries & avocados organically


Organic Growers Meeting
Nov 18, 2015; 7-9 p.m

Harry P Leu Gardens-Camellia room

Luc Duytsche – Organic Farmer & Educator
Speaking at the Organic Growers meeting on November 18 between 7-9p.m. will be Luc Duytsche who operates A Natural Farm & Education Center located in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. Luc studied Horticulture in France and then came to Florida in the 90’s. A few years ago, Luc started his farm where he. his wife and three children grow organically fruit trees, vegetable and other edible plants.

Sharing his ways to grow organically
In addition to sharing his knowledge and experience to answer your questions, Luc will bring some strawberry plants and avocado trees. If you’re looking for large quantities or a specific edible plant suitable for central Florida, check out their website, for a plant list. Or contact him directly via phone (between 7a.m.-7p.m.) (352) 536–3112 or email him:

Connect with others
During our free monthly organic growers meetings you can connect with other like-minded folks in the Central Florida community. At the end of the meeting we raffle off plants and other garden-related items donated by members and guests.

After the meeting, everyone wishing to continue conversations can meet at Ethos Vegan Kitchen located at 601-B South New York Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789.

May 2015 – Organic Growers Meeting

This month’s meeting was awesome as usual! We had an open forum, welcoming stories from our brethren on their projects and successes!

Most memorable were 2 ladies, new to beekeeping. Their story was compelling and inspiring! We all need bees for pollination. Plants that attract pollinators should be included in every garden! Going the extra step into beekeeping truly should be applauded!

We could tell these ladies were delighted with this project. They talked of how friendly the bees seem and how nice hearing their hum is. They especially admonished all of us to create a water source for bees and other flying insects. “Doing this keeps them out of your neighbor’s pool!” they joked.

This is no joke. Bees and butterflies drink water. They need plants that give them what they need and, in turn they pollinate our food crops. Keeping bees and butterflies happy is something we all can do to benefit our entire planet!

Happy 2015

Happy New Year! I don’t believe its 2015 and that marks the 12 year anniversary of our organization! Simple Living Institute, Inc. was founded by a group of community members who wanted to see more sustainable living and local culture in our Central Florida region and beyond. We continue to build a community of like minded people and have all shared and learned so much from each other. Thank you for your continued involvement and support of our organization! Our network keeps growing with new attendees and speakers at our monthly Organic Growers Meeting and outreach events. Thank you for living simply and join us in the continuation of the journey of building our community and lessening our impact on Mother Earth.